NYOM was established in 2005 to help those in pain. Compensation patterns and pain can be erased by comprehensively correcting posture and movement dysfunctions that lead to chronic distortion.

The NYOM approach offers two effective methods of painless bodywork. Both approaches were designed to reverse dysfunction. We use massage and fascial manipulation or specialized receptor work paired with bodywork to achieve flexibility, increasing limited range of motion and strength in the shortest time possible. This is accomplished by resetting receptors in muscles and stretching the fascia that places undue pressure on joints. Neural tension distorts posture and locks in the cycle of chronic pain. As a result of targeted work, Dysfunctional neurology is reset, pain goes away and function is normalized.

Our systems of orthopedic massage and Kiambu’s neuro-orthopedic bodywork both reset locked structures and reestablish mobility, stability and balance in the body. To address inefficient motor control patterns (how we move), we create custom movement protocols or strengthening exercises to integrate client’s newfound strength and mobility. The NYOM approach thereby optimizes your quality of movement and overwrites inefficient motor patterns giving you back the control and fluid strength of your youth.

NYOM’s unique integration of cutting edge approaches have resolved many people’s long standing orthopedic issues in less time than ever thought possible. Make an appointment now!