New York Orthopedic Massage was established in 2005 to help people living with pain and related chronic musculoskeletal issues. Ever since 2000, Kiambu Dickerson LMT has been studying how to find and eliminate musculoskeletal pain at its source.  After years of being recruited at some of the most elite spas in NYC, Kiambu dedicated himself to therapeutic bodywork and created NYOM. The NYOM approach incorporates the most effective methods of bodywork to get lasting results. Reverse decades poor posture, injuries and pain in record time without the pain of deep body work and physical therapy. Most complicated cases of chronic pain go away and stay gone within the first few sessions.

Kiambu assesses your posture, gait, active, passive and accessory joint ranges of motion.  He also tests neuromuscular function. Treatment is based on findings from each client’s assessment. Specialized functional neurology techniques (including P-Dtr) recalibrate your muscles’ spinal reflexes and restore proper muscle signaling and firing sequence. These high level techniques painlessly resolve chronic muscle spasms (hypertonicity) and restore strength to weak and inhibited muscles in minutes. Muscles and Joints are restored to a state of balance as the body achieves stability and mobility. Pain is often the result of chronic muscular imbalances and faulty signaling from these tissues to the spine. Imbalance is uneven stress that creates compensation and causes uneven tissue wear, micro tearing and joint damage (osteophytes, arthritis…) When we reset communication between the muscles and the spine, pain goes away as strength, range of motion and balance immediately returns.

Kiambu expertly realigns joints back to their neutral resting position, gently stretching and mobilizing the tight adhesive fascia, joint capsules and ligaments. These chronic areas are often full of atrophied muscle fibers, dehydrated collagen and fibrin protein patches and overstretched, micro torn tissues. These tissues are like internal scabs that stick to other tissues and are known to distort and hold dysfunctional posture from the inside out. After fascial restrictions are addressed  with specialized manual therapy techniques, we make sure the problems don’t return by identifying and overwriting inefficient motor control patterns (posture and how we move). Custom movement protocols  are designed to hard wire strength and mobility into each client’s formerly weak or stuck areas. As the body begins to move effortlessly through full ranges of motion, new efficient neurological and kinetic communication begins between the joints, ligaments, muscles, receptors and brain. Motor control is reset via neuroplasticity.

Reset stuck patterns and restore mobility to chronically locked joints and muscles. Reclaim mobility, stability and balance in your body. Get back the control and fluid strength of your youth. Kiambu’s practical integration of cutting edge approaches resolves long standing orthopedic issues in less time than ever thought possible. Increase athletic performance in any sport! Experience the most comprehensive bodywork in New York and beyond.

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