NYOM was established in 2005 with the goal of helping those in pain. Since 2000, Kiambu Dickerson LMT has studied musculoskeletal pain in order to be a more efficient practitioner. The NYOM approach incorporates multiple effective methods of painless bodywork to  reverse poor posture and neuromuscular dysfunction that causes pain in the body. Within hours, pain goes away and stays gone.

First, Kiambu assesses your static and moving posture, joint range of motion and neuromuscular function.

Then Kiambu uses functional neurology techniques that recalibrate your muscles receptors thereby restoring proper signaling and muscle firing order, ending chronic muscle spasms and hypertonicity that cause tissue tearing and joint damage and turning on weak inhibited muscles, ending the cycle of of instability.

Next, Kiambu manually resets joints to their neutral resting position by stretching and functionally realigning the tight adhesive fascia that distorts and holds dysfunctional posture from the inside out.

After fascial restrictions are addressed with massage and manual therapy, Kiambu addresses long held inefficient motor control patterns (how we move) by creating custom movement and strengthening protocols designed to hard wire strength and mobility into formerly weak or stuck areas by improving neuromuscular signaling between muscles and the brain. This functional movement rewires the brain and improves the neurons’ connections. The body soon moves through full range of motion and all movements into formerly restricted spaces become therapeutic instead of painful. 

Kiambu’s comprehensive system of bodywork resets and restores chronically locked structures and reestablishes mobility, stability and balance in the body. Get back the control and fluid strength of your youth. NYOM’s unique integration of cutting edge approaches have resolved many people’s long standing orthopedic issues in less time than they ever thought possible.

Work smarter and achieve balance, flexibility, stability and strength faster than you thought possible!

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