New York Orthopedic Massage was established in 2005 with the goal of helping people in pain. Since 2000, Kiambu Dickerson LMT has studied musculoskeletal pain in order to be a more effective practitioner. The NYOM approach incorporates several effective methods of painless bodywork that reverse poor posture, neuromuscular dysfunction and pain in the body. Complicated cases of chronic pain go away and stay gone within the first sessions.

First, Kiambu assesses your posture, gait, active, passive and accessory joint ranges of motion. Next he tests for proper neuromuscular function. Treatment is based on those assessment findings.

Kiambu begins with specialized functional neurology techniques (including P-Dtr) to recalibrate your muscles signaling and firing order. These techniques painlessly resolve chronic muscle spasms (hypertonicity) and restore strength to weak and inhibited muscles. By balancing muscle tension around the joints, the body can finally achieve a state of stability. Pain is usually the result of this same type of muscular imbalance. Imbalance is stress that creates compensation and causes tissue tearing and joint damage. When we reset this neuromuscular communication, range of motion, strength and balance immediately increases.

Next, Kiambu manually aligns joints to their neutral resting position by stretching and realigning the tight adhesive fascia, joint capsules and ligaments. These tissues are known to distort and hold dysfunctional posture from the inside out.

After those fascial restrictions are addressed with massage and manual therapy, Kiambu makes sure the problems don’t return by addressing long held inefficient motor control patterns (how we move). He creates and teaches custom movement and strengthening protocols designed to hard wire strength and mobility into formerly weak or stuck areas. This functional movement rewires the brain and rewrites the neurons’ compensatory connections into efficient firing patterns. By teaching efficient movement and neurological communication between the joints, ligaments, muscles, receptors and the brain, the newly integrated body can move effortlessly through full ranges of motion. Restricted, painful and guarded movements become therapeutic instead of damaging. 

Kiambu’s system of bodywork resets stuck patterns, and restores mobility to chronically locked joints and muscles. You can reestablish mobility, stability and balance in your body. Get back the control and fluid strength of your youth. New York Orthopedic Massage’s unique integration of cutting edge approaches resolve long standing orthopedic issues in less time than people ever thought was possible.

Work smarter and achieve balance, flexibility, stability and strength faster than you thought possible!

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