NYOM was established in 2005 to help those in pain. Poor posture and musculoskeletal pain can be erased by comprehensively correcting postural imbalances and movement dysfunctions.

The NYOM approach offers two effective methods of painless bodywork. Both approaches were designed to reverse dysfunction.

Orthopedic massage uses myofascial manipulation of tight fixed muscles and joints.

Kiambu’s Neuro-Ortho bodywork uses specialized neurological techniques paired with joint and tissue mobilization to reverse the effects of chronic dysfunction.

Work smarter and achieve balance, flexibility, stability and strength faster. After assessing the body, we neurologically recalibrate muscles, reset joints to their neutral resting position and stretch the tight adhesive fascia that distorts posture. Doctors often find the neural tension that causes back and neck pain perplexing. Physical therapy, pain pills, shots and surgery are common medical solutions, but they usually don’t “fix” the problem. Our specialized techniques use advanced functional neurology and an expert understanding of bio-mechanics to restore physical balance and pain goes away.

Both our systems of bodywork reset chronically locked structures and reestablish mobility, stability and balance in the body. To address inefficient motor control patterns (how we move), we first assess then create custom movement or strengthening exercises that hard wire your newfound strength and mobility. The NYOM approach comprehensively optimizes your movements and overwrites inefficient movement patterns in the brain and tissues thereby giving you back the control and fluid strength of your youth.

NYOM’s unique integration of cutting edge approaches have resolved many people’s long standing orthopedic issues in less time than ever thought possible. Make an appointment now!