Kiambu Dickerson (New York Orthopedic Massage owner and founder)

Kiambu graduated from the Swedish Institute and received an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies in 1999. Since 2000, Kiambu accumulated hundreds of hours of advanced certifications, seeking to understand how to resolve musculoskeletal pain. Kiambu quickly became a teaching assistant for many pioneers in the field of bodywork including Erik Dalton, Jerry Hesch, James Waslaski and David Weinstock having studied directly with the creators of  orthopedic massageMyoskeletal Alignment TechniquesNeuroKinetic Therapy™, P-DTR , Anatomy In MotionThe Hesch Method, Anatomy TrainsKiambu’s background in internal martial arts taught him the importance of form,  biomechanics, functional alignment, breath and efficient movement for effortless power generation. Today, Kiambu practices highly intelligent and remarkably intuitive bodywork. With over 20 years of bodywork experience, his comprehensive understanding of complex and chronic injuries and how to fix them is a rare find in a world of so called specialists.

Kiambu committed the last 22 years to helping his clients recover from and reverse their orthopedic conditions, pain, and injuries. He practices a Neuro-Orthopedic approach to bodywork that integrates the most effective techniques to quickly achieve pain-free function. First, Kiambu identifies the source of the problem with expert clinical assessment skills. Next he restores functional neuromuscular responses reversing the hypertonicity (muscle spasm) and muscle inhibition (weakness) that create compensation, pain and “knots”that return after other forms of treatment. Next, precise tissue mobilization resets stuck joints and fascia after the chronic cycle of muscle guarding and joint splinting is broken. Formerly problematic muscles and joints can contract and be stretched without creating pain. The body becomes more stable and flexible as your range of motion and  strength noticeably increase and your balance is improved. Neuromuscular re-education breaks bad pastoral habits so you can keep long lasting results. Specific motor reprogramming exercises address each client’s needs. Kiambu is excited to be practicing the best and most effective bodywork ever.Even old injuries can heal. Resolve pain and fix your posture for good.  At New York Orthopedic Massage, pain not only goes away, it stays away.