NYOM was established in 2005 to promote a comprehensive style of bodywork that helps those in pain as well as corrects posture and movement dysfunction that lead to the chronic distortions that eventually become compensation patterns and pain.

Kiambu Dickerson is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute where he received an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies. He has over 15 years of experience and has accumulated hundreds of hours of advanced certifications in orthopedic massage, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, NeuroKinetic Therapy™, P-DTR , Anatomy In Motion, The Hesch Method, and Anatomy Trains, having studied directly with James Waslaski LMT NASM, Erik Dalton PhD, Jerry Hesch DPT, David Weinstock, Dr. Jose Palomar, Gary Ward and Tom Myers, Internationally recognized movement, pain and structural alignment experts.

Kiambu practices in Chelsea, New York and is committed to helping his clients understand and recover from their conditions, chronic pain, or injuries.

His bodywork is based on the idea that while we may focus on a painful knee or a “bad” back, the key is identifying the source of the problem. First Kiambu assesses and restores proper neuromuscular responses such as the stretch reflex through cutting edge proprioception resets that resolve hypertonicity and muscle inhibition (weakness). By implementing these techniques prior to tissue mobilization, the pattern of muscle guarding and joint splinting is broken and formerly sensitive muscles and joints can contract and be stretched without signaling pain and dysfunction. Next, hands-on work painlessly mobilizes adhesive connective tissues thereby integrating the newfound strength, balance and stability in the body. By resetting receptors in muscles, dense articular connective tissue and adhesive fascia that place pressure on joints, distort posture and lock in the cycle of chronic pain, even long standing orthopedic issues can be resolved.

Kiambu has been a teaching assistant for Erik DaltonJerry Hesch, James Waslaski and David Weinstock and also has taught private seminars on various massage techniques. He practices an integrated NeuroOrthopedic approach to bodywork incorporating all he knows to achieve pain free function in the body.