Kiambu Dickerson (New York Orthopedic Massage owner and founder)

Kiambu is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). He is a graduate of the Swedish Institute where he received an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies in 1999. He has accumulated hundreds of hours worth of advanced certifications and has been gaining clinical experience since 2000. In order to understand musculoskeletal pain better, Kiambu became a teaching assistant for Erik Dalton, Jerry Hesch, James Waslaski and David Weinstock having studied directly with the creators of  orthopedic massageMyoskeletal Alignment TechniquesNeuroKinetic Therapy™, P-DTR , Anatomy In MotionThe Hesch Method, Anatomy Trains, and other bodywork approaches.  In addition to learning from these internationally recognized bodyworkers, Kiambu studied internal martial arts for decades. His teachers emphasized the importance of form, the biomechanics of movement, functional alignment, breath, efficient movement and effortless generation of power. Kiambu practices intelligent and intuitive bodywork synthesized from a comprehensive understanding of bodywork experience rarely found in a world of so called specialists. 

Kiambu is committed to helping his clients understand and recover from their conditions, chronic pain, and injuries. He practices an integrated Neuro-Orthopedic approach to bodywork that integrates all he has learned to achieve pain-free function. First, Kiambu identifies the source of the problem with his seasoned clinical assessment skills. Next he restores functional neuromuscular responses through novel proprioception resets, and autonomic stabilization exercises. These techniques reverse the hypertonicity (muscle spasm) and muscle inhibition (weakness) that create compensation, pain and knots that won’t go away. When this is done prior to tissue mobilization, the chronic cycle of muscle guarding and joint splinting is broken. Formerly sensitive muscles and joints can finally contract and be stretched without creating pain and dysfunction. During the process, your range of motion and  strength noticeably increase and your balance is optimized with expert manual manipulation and precise motor reprogramming exercises. Finally, a comprehensive neuromuscular approach that actually resolves pain.  At New York Orthopedic Massage, pain not only goes away, it stays away.