NYOM is going Quantum 

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Kiambu’s Quatntum Optimization series is a fast track to  pain free balanced movement. By removing “software” and “hardware” miscommunication, neuromuscular efficiency and joint range of motion is maximized thereby allowing for retraining of movements and activities thought lost forever.  Next, you are taught to mindfully move through the unused space in your body that you have not accessed in years … Read More

What is pain? 

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The following comes from http://www.bodyinmind.org/what-is-pain/. Upon reading it, I realized that the words that have been repeated to my clients over the years couldn’t of been summed up better. I felt information was explained very well and was too invaluable not to share so I liberated it but will gladly remove if asked. Doctors, surgeons and many specialists let alone … Read More

Doctors finally admit they are less likely to help your back pain than me. 

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A recent New York Times article [https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/02/13/health/lower-back-pain-surgery-guidelines.html] , seems to have revealed a lit candle in the obscure world of chronic back pain. Now if doctors will just lead people to the light. It will take time to implement the new guidelines but there is hope for the future generations kids at least. They still are conservative (stingy) with credit … Read More

Describing P-Dtr:The Neuro in my Orthopedic massage 

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After years of studying with multiple well known teachers in the related fields of bodywork and movement, I had come to know that there was something more to resolving musculoskeletal pain than just giving someone a massage. I had accrued more techniques than most everyone I knew and I still had tough cases. My journey into fascia and manual therapy … Read More

Neurology Magic

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Neurology “magic” The nervous system controls your entire body. If you have problems with pain, range of motion, strength, coordination, speed, agility, or any other physical attribute, change your nervous system. Neuroplasticity research has proven that the nervous system can continue to learn and adapt at any age, which means you can improve your body at any point in your … Read More

Old preconceptions Vs something new

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My parents were both public school teachers. My mom, dad and older sister each have masters degrees (my sister has two). Education has always been a big part of my life. When I wanted to learn martial arts, I studied internal and external, soft and hard styles so as to get a well rounded experience. I have a 16 year … Read More

Managing Massage Expectations

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Expectations and preconceived notions can get in the way of receiving care. I do a lot of things in my practice that are new to most people. Regardless of your knowledge of healthcare and fitness, if you are coming to see me, there are things you don’t know about dysfunction in your body. Whether I get a new referral from … Read More

Injury history is trauma history

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Everyone falls victim to a minor injury here or there (stubbed toe, finger jams, bumps, bangs and falls). Accidental injury includes ligament strains and muscle tissue strains. Burns are as common as cuts and bruises. Sometimes injuries accompany one another as accidents unfold. Although they seem small, these minor insults are traumatic in nature. Webster’s Simple Definition of trauma says: … Read More

Muscle inhibition and Hypertonicity 

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Inhibition and hypertonicity I have written a little about muscle inhibition and hypertonicity in other articles. This bit of info that isn’t very widely known because there is much the healthcare and fitness world unfortunately doesn’t  understand about muscle function. When a muscle is functioning properly, it will fire and relax on command.  Normally, the specialized receptors designed to protect … Read More

Your muscles don’t work 

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Muscle inhibition There are two types of dysfunction that I  encounter daily that go unnoticed by most healthcare practitioners. Most clinicians use a manual manipulation model based on moving, stretching or manipulating structures in the body (whether they be muscles, fascia or joints) to place them into a more balanced alignment. This is usually based on a visual ideal of … Read More