How To Breathe Properly

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When I grew up, little thought was given to the idea of how to breathe. I was introduced to breath training around the age of 18 when my mother brought me to my first Chi Kung class. In many ancient Eastern cultures, health and wellness practices of energy cultivation and body control are historically common. In these practices, meditation combined … Read More

How to Stand Properly

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Most people develop some degree of muscle compensation patterns in their lifetime and their automatic posture and gait becomes less efficient. Posture conscious people often seek out guidance from one of the schools focused on postural correction. Many interventions have clients focus on body awareness in order to override compensatory postural presentations. Orthotic devices like shoe lifts and posture straps … Read More

NYOM is going Quantum 

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Kiambu’s quantum optimization program is a fast track to  pain free balanced movement. First we remove “software” and “hardware” miscommunication between the muscles and the brain. Neuromuscular efficiency and joint range of motion becomes pain free and optimized. This allows for manual tissue mobilization and functional movement retraining. Next, clients are taught to move through the unused space in your … Read More

What is pain? 

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The following comes from Upon reading it, I realized that the words that have been repeated to my clients over the years couldn’t of been summed up better. I felt information was explained very well and was too invaluable not to share so I liberated it but will gladly remove if asked. Doctors, surgeons and many specialists let alone … Read More

P-DTR: The Neuro in my Orthopedic massage 

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During my early years in the field I realized that there was more to resolving pain than just giving someone a massage. I was stymied by the concept of recalcitrance. If you can get someone out of pain, why does it come back? To find answers, I studied with amazing teachers in the fields of bodywork and movement. I committed … Read More

Neurology or Magic?

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Magic or Phenomenal My client’s often joke that I’m doing voodoo or magic when they feel pain disappear. I explain that it’s neurology, not magic. When people live with pain, they expect that it’s not going to go away easily. Most clients have tried “everything” and simply accept pain as part of life. Reformed skeptics have come to be great … Read More

Old preconceptions Vs something new

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My parents were both public school teachers. My mom, dad and older sister each have masters degrees (my sister has two). Education has always been a big part of my life. When I wanted to learn martial arts, I studied internal and external, soft and hard styles so as to get a well rounded experience. I have a 16 year … Read More

Managing Massage Expectations

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Expectations and preconceived notions can get in the way of receiving care. I do a lot of things in my practice that are new to most people. Regardless of your knowledge of healthcare and fitness, if you are coming to see me, there are things you don’t know about dysfunction in your body. Whether I get a new referral from … Read More

Injury history is trauma history

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Everyone falls victim to a minor injury here or there (stubbed toe, finger jams, bumps, bangs and falls). Accidental injury includes ligament strains and muscle tissue strains. Burns are as common as cuts and bruises. Sometimes injuries accompany one another as accidents unfold. Although they seem small, these minor insults are traumatic in nature. Webster’s Simple Definition of trauma says: … Read More