Doctors finally admit they are less likely to help your back pain than me. 

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A recent New York Times article [] , seems to have revealed a lit candle in the obscure world of chronic back pain. Now if doctors will just lead people to the light. It will take time to implement the new guidelines but there is hope for the future generations kids at least. They still are conservative (stingy) with credit and throw around the term evidence based a lot but the newest medical guidelines have come out regarding back pain.
Not only do they say try massage, acupuncture and chiropractic before going to a physician, now they have rethought the efficacy of steroid injections (which have been long known to destabilize joints and fascia) and other things that were considered the best approach medicine had to offer. I guess their evidence based procedures failed… so much for the value attributed to evidence based medicine. In my practice, I don’t bash other professions. I have spent the past 17 years seeking the answers to the quandaries that confound the best “most qualified” experts of orthopedic allopathic medicine. I have studied from PT’s, Rolfers, Osteopaths, and human movement and biomechanics specialists. The problems are that doctors qualify themselves as experts within a limited framework that omits much and many doctors still unfortunately place little value in things they don’t understand about the body. The common medical point of view of back pain is everyone gets it so just rest and it will go away. Muscle relaxers and rest are the best cures most doctors know of. I have had conversations with both open and closed minded physicians. Many of my clients have had second and third opinions of doctors that conflict in diagnosis and treatment options. The patient winds up placing a bet on what will help without any certainty. What happens often is that even drastic interventions such as surgery fail to resolve pain. 
A NYOM, we practice comprehensive bodywork that reverses the causes of pain and restores your body to a place of balance, flexibility and stability by restoring neutrality of joints and creating maximum biomechanical advantage possible in your body. When there is no neuromuscular dysfunction, there is no longer pain. I have helped hundreds of people get out of back pain. They say I “fixed” them when no one else to that point could. I personally don’t like using that word “fixed” but all they wanted was to feel better and I helped. 
The word doctor has become synonymous with expert but we in the field know there are levels to expertise. I can count the doctors i know on one hand who understand what causes back pain (to be fair there are different structures that can be responsible for the same pain) . I want to leave this post on my favorite doctor joke as food for thought. What do you call a doctor who graduates at the bottom of his class? … Doctor. 

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