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The Method

Kiambu uses Neuro-Somatic techniques developed from various studies including P-Dtr and other novel approaches to stopping pain. These techniques reset the dysfunctional receptors and reflexes that control muscle contraction and inhibition. Resetting the receptors reverses the hypertonicity (muscle spasm) and muscle inhibition (weakness) that create compensation, trigger points, pain and “knots” that return after other forms of treatment. The chronic cycle of muscle guarding and joint splinting is broken and further release of deep tissue fixations is possible.

Master level manual therapy painlessly addresses stuck joint capsules, ligaments, fascia by using specific joint mobilization techniques. Precise tissue mobilization to stuck joint capsules, ligaments and fascia restores full range of motion. 

Motor control reprogramming exercises erase compensation and create  efficient functional movements patterns. Motor reeducation ingrains functional movement patterns within the brain’s motor cortex via neuroplasticity. These exercises stimulate all of your muscles to function in ways that break old postural habits and create long lasting results in the body.

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The Results

Chronically tight muscles and joints can contract and stretch without creating pain. The body achieves stability and flexibility as range of motion and strength noticeably increase and balance is improved. Movements you avoided become replaced by unguarded, full therapeutic movement.  

Inflammation dissipates quickly and blood and joint nutrients flow properly. Your gait becomes unencumbered and your muscles and joints achieve movement with each step. The therapeutic process focuses on establishing resiliency, stability, strength then endurance. 

A product of years of research and clinical practice, the NYOM approach is one of the most effective and comprehensive methods of therapeutic bodywork available anywhere.