Kiambu Dickerson (New York Orthopedic Massage owner and founder)

Kiambu graduated from the Swedish Institute and received an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies in 1999. Since 2000, Kiambu accumulated hundreds of hours in advanced certifications seeking to learn how to resolve pain.

Kiambu worked as a teaching assistant for many pioneers in the field of bodywork including Erik Dalton, Jerry Hesch, James Waslaski and David Weinstock, and studied directly with the creators of Orthopedic MassageMyoskeletal Alignment TechniquesNeuroKinetic Therapy™, P-DTR , Anatomy In MotionThe Hesch Method, Anatomy Trains,

Kiambu’s study in internal martial arts was rooted in the importance of form, biomechanics, functional alignment, breath control and efficient movement for effortless power generation. 

After being recruited at elite NYC spas, Kiambu established new york orthopedic massage to help those in need by using the best evidence based practices available to eliminate musculoskeletal pain at its source.

Today, Kiambu practices highly intelligent and remarkably intuitive bodywork. His comprehensive understanding of complex chronic injuries and how to fix them is informed by over 22 years of clinical experience,.

Kiambu is excited to be practicing his most effective bodywork ever. Resolve pain and fix your posture for good.  At NYOM pain not only goes away, it stays away.