The biggest questions plaguing people in pain and those that treat it is “why does pain come back after brief periods of relief?”  Why do people have to foam roll, tape, scrape and stretch themselves all the time?

The question why finally answered

Years of research into muscle function led Kiambu to answers while studying neurobiology and functional neurology. Upon clinical application of principles of functional neurology to the musculoskeletal system he witnessed the effect of what he believes are the most overlooked reasons for chronic muscle and joint pain and tightness. They are two phenomena that create and reinforce chronic pain and disrupt normal muscle tone and function. They are called muscle inhibition and hypertonicity

Muscle inhibition and hypertonicity

Muscle inhibition and hypertonicity create neural tension, joint and muscle imbalance, and reinforce the chronic pain cycle. The dysfunction occurs within the information loop between neural structures designed to relay information between the central nervous system and related joints, ligaments and muscles. 

Muscle inhibition can be mistaken as muscle weakness; however it is a result of altered stimuli between the muscles and the central nervous system. Inhibition causes compensation and hypertonicity as other muscles are recruited to create stability. Inhibitory weakness causes joint laxity and increases the chances of joint, ligament and tendon damage.

Hypertonicity is muscle overactivity that occurs when communication between the brain and spinal cord is dysfunctional and increases output to the muscles.

Hypertonic muscles place unrelenting stress on joints and tissues are more prone to sprains and strains. 

Smarter not Harder

Working smarter not harder means using the best tools techniques and approach available to achieve the deepest long lasting results. Nyom matches each dysfunction with the appropriate treatment for comprehensive healing. 

NYOM delivers cutting edge therapies – hacking the nervous system with specialized neuroreceptor techniques that restore normative reflexes between the muscles and the central nervous system and reverse chronic muscle inhibition and hypertonicity. 

Expert manual bodywork clears up soft tissue dysfunctions in the fascia, muscles and connective tissues.  Joints, muscles and soft tissues become more flexible and stable as range of motion and balance is restored.

It IS possible to let go of your focus on pain and regain carefree movement Years of dysfunction are comprehensively erased in hours. Regain lost resiliency, stability, strength and endurance.