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People always ask me if I do deep tissue massage. I say it’s not a simple answer. We need to redefine deep bodywork. Pressing harder isn’t the answer. The nervous system is the key. If we remove “software” and “hardware” miscommunication between the muscles and the brain, neuromuscular efficiency and joint range of motion becomes pain free. Imagine painless manual tissue mobilization and functional movement retraining that sticks. Deep tissue massage doesn’t teach you to move through the unused space their body has not accessed in years. The brain and body can be re-taught to find its balanced center and clients can gain the confidence to move without instability and the fear of pain. This is accomplished by re-making a functional three dimensional brain map of spacial awareness. Not by deep tissue massage.

Kiambu’s quantum protocol comprehensively rewinds the aging process of dysfunction and compensation that create pain. This is done by treating the neurological receptors, joint and muscle connections and motor control systems all at once. Deep tissue massage won’t do that.

Full Body Reboot

Targeted neuromuscular work is the master key that unlocks chronically locked up soft tissues. By neurologically “hitting the reset switch”, the body allows deep but painless muscle, fascia and joint manipulation without pain. These techniques remove neurological “white noise” that acts as disruptive feedback like bugs in computer programs. Dr. Palomar’s P-Dtr, has shown that unresolved trauma creates neurological compensation. Repetitive motion, chemical, emotional or acute injuries can all manifest as neuromuscular processing errors. This novel form of bodywork is like a firmware update and upgrade within your nervous system wherein it resets motor signals efficiently and muscles function properly without spasms or weakness. The deep lasting effects of this neurological work can be felt long after the session has ended. Ultimately, clients come to experience a new more balanced self.

How is it Done?

Specialized breathing techniques teach clients to enter a parasympathetic state that reverses the stress response in the nervous system. In this physiological state, deep lasting changes can occur. Cutting edge functional neurology techniques “de-bug'” the computing errors between the brain and the peripheral receptors. Muscle guarding, hypertrophy and the splinting response in the joints and muscles disappear.

The body’s “hardware” system is overhauled after the nervous system’s software processing errors are cleared. The manual bodywork techniques Kiambu uses resets joints, ligaments, fascia, tendons and muscles with precision. He utilizes specialized stretching techniques that center the bones into their natural anatomical resting place where movement in all functional ranges of motion are accessible.

Specialized movement retraining exercises are taught to simultaneously address adhesive tissue bias in the muscles and fascia, joint adhesions and the brain’s motor control center. Proper breathing and posture is emphasized. These specialized exercises are designed to unlock your long held dysfunctional postures while retraining your body’s optimal muscle recruitment patterns.

Pain Management or Resolution?

Do your symptoms come and go as “they” please without resolution from acupuncture, massage or physical therapy? Break the cycle of chronic dysfunction and restore your body to balance. Kiambu combines manual work and movement retraining with cutting edge neurological techniques to give you control over your body. You can reverse dysfunction and optimize your body as it was designed to work. Deep tissue massage increases blood circulation. It is helpful but not the fix. Work smarter not harder.

Translation: lasting effortless pain-free movement in less time than traditional methods.

Invest in yourself and invest in a four or ten pack today and change your life!

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