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January 2012 blog
Dynamic body: Book and DVD series

I am the type of guy who doesn’t like unanswered questions. I usually go to at least two seminars a year in my quest for knowledge. The answer usually comes filtered through the applied wisdom of my first two mentors Erik Daltonand James Waslaski. Like myself, they constantly modify and add to their practice when new or more effective treatment strategies become evident. When I have exhausted my soft tissue options and it comes to complex issues relating to joint biomechanics, I usually turn to Erik and The Gang for answers.
I believe that I have been getting better at addressing musculoskeletal dysfunction because I constantly question both my intuition and knowledge base. Another reason I believe my treatment has improved in term of efficacy is that I am willing to see anyone who is willing to come in. If I can help someone, I’d rather try than not. Because of this cavalier attitude, about half of my clients present with complex musculoskeletal dysfunction issues. I am thankful to all my clients for their contribution to my practice through the experience I gained and the experience we mutually shared. They keep me busy by referring friends and loved ones and I appreciate that.
November 2010 I wrestled with getting results on a few clients in one of the most complicated areas of the body: the low back. People were doing somewhat better but there was something I was missing. And just when I thought to call Erik, I went to his website and he had a whole new series on The Low back and legs! This fourth volume of DVD’s focused exactly on what I was looking for. The timing was perfect. I poured over the DVD’s and put the work into practice right away. I took my last seminar as a student and graduated to assisting Erik teach the seminars. He kept talking about his new book that he had to finish and referenced some of the research he and contributing authors lent to the project. This winter the project was finally done and I got it as soon as it was out. It was well worth the wait. I ripped through the compendium that featured several top researchers and body workers. All practitioners featured have had 20-30+ years of practical experience and knowledge. Another thing brought to light were many findings shared at the Fascial Congress which I wanted to make it to but had a schedule conflict. To make a long story short, it’s an amazing book that goes in depth from many angles and is by no means a quick read. I recommend it to anyone who wants to know the most current research that applies to the body and how to use it.
I took the test and became the first person certified at level four of Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques. Now, my eyes opened further, I want to study from some people in the Dynamic Body book. Looking into Jerry Hesch PT for his simplification of complex pelvic dysfunction next.

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