Neurology or Magic?

Magic or Phenomenal

My client’s often joke that I’m doing voodoo or magic when they feel pain disappear. I explain that it’s neurology, not magic. When people live with pain, they expect that it’s not going to go away easily. Most clients have tried “everything” and simply accept pain as part of life. Reformed skeptics have come to be great client referral sources of mine after experiencing the possibility of change. I often explain that the nervous system controls your entire body. I treat pain, lack of range of motion, strength, coordination, and balance through the nervous system without causing pain. Neuroplasticity research has proven that the nervous system can continue to adapt at any age. You can improve your body at any point in your life via the nervous system. Your nerves communicate throughout the body at lightning speed. Consequently, when I treat the nervous system, it seems like magic.

Who is This Type of bodywork best for?

Anyone looking to get out of pain, change posture, body awareness, or increase strength and performance. The work is safe and effective if you’re “old”,out of shape, an office worker, athlete, yogi, or a weekend warrior. All of us have the same potential for tapping into our best body. Resetting communication in the nervous system is the key. Unlock ranges of motion you thought lost and regain balance and stability. You will realize changes in how well you move and how you feel within four sessions. The possibilities are beyond most client’s expectations. Why should you stop doing what you love because of pain? Learn to move functionally and efficiently to support your body in the future. Most people expect a lot of deep painful bodywork. I work as painlessly as possible.

Is it really possible to get results in one hour?

Many clients report feeling better in one hour. Most clients notice an improvement in pain free range of motion within four sessions. Everyone’s nervous system compensates stress differently. Dysfunction is often found in unexpected areas of the body. As a result, treatment often leads us away from the initial pain to the true source of dysfunction. I target the nervous system and use assessment and bodywork to unlock mysterious pain issues. We can create dramatic instantaneous lasting changes in the body in each session. The nervous system is an integrated neural net that runs throughout the body and works at lightening speed. This means one can elicit a positive change immediately. I tell clients that they don’t have to believe in magic or understand neuroscience, they just have to show up. If you didn’t always live with pain, doesn’t it makes sense that you could get out of pain?

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